is brexit being cancelled?

i just saw someone called 'based amy' on youtube announce in block capital letters and exclamation marks at the end that ' brexit is being cancelled'  -  she mentioned something about traitorous politicians?

this had me worried as i'm wanting a clean break brexit, so i'm in a state of suspense really.  anyone know what's happening?

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  • Clive
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    No it is NOT being cancelled. Our politicians are merely trying to screw it up again. Their latest attempt was to vote against the programme motion for the implementation Bill so it won't be law by 31 October. Having voted to delay voting on the deal on Saturday - they're voting against everything in an attempt to stop Brexit, but they cannot stop it.

    What a programme motion does is set out a timetable for the debate, and this one proposed to finish all the debate on the Bill in 3 days. As it is over 100 pages long, in normal circumstances it would be reasonable to say "that's not long enough". Most stupidly, Jeremy Corbyn asked an "urgent question" about when the Bill would be published, to which Stephen Barclay replied "it will be published when it has its First Reading, and this question is delaying the First Reading". Surely Corbyn should know by now that a Bill is announced (that's called the First Reading), then it is officially published, then the Second Reading must be next day at the earliest to give MPs time to read it. This is the procedure as it has always been.

    The only way of stopping Brexit is if Boris writes to the EU withdrawing Theresa May's letter of 29 March 2017, which of course he will not do. Even if Parliament makes a law telling him to do so, he has his own way of writing letters as we saw on Saturday and if Parliament was stupid enough to do any such thing, this is clear political suicide as this would go directly against what we voted for.

    Meanwhile the EU is getting fed up with all the delays and it can say "no, you can't have any more time". If it does, we have instant no deal Brexit on 31 October.

    I've told you before to watch PROPER news and not youtube scaremongers. I suggest you watch Mahyar Tousi. He's a Brexiteer and puts up a video every weekday around 6 pm to explain what's going on. You would do well to take notice of him. He's very positive and good at explaining why what the remainers keep trying won't work. Don't bother reading the comments as most of the commenters don't understand what's going on!

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