Why does Elizabeth Warren want to eliminate federal funding for charter schools? Do leftists really want total control over education?

Hell, Harvard receives over $500,000,000 a year in federal funding and that’s a private school. Will Warren go after Harvard as well?

Nationwide, on average, charter schools are funded at 61 percent of their district counterparts, averaging $6,585 per pupil compared to $10,771 per pupil at conventional district public schools. Unlike traditional district schools, most charter schools do not receive funding to cover the cost of securing a facility.

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  • y
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    4 weeks ago
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    Limit the choice, the options and you can control a population. That is one of the foundation blocks of the left. While some Charter schools fail, many many others consistently out preform their public counter parts, even lottery types. Those should be looked at as models for the future in conjunction with public. More choice, more competition,tend to improve everyone.

  • GTB
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    4 weeks ago

    Elizabeth Warren, like several extremist Democrats, want to placate the teacher's unions (which call themselves Teacher's Associations or Teachers Federations or other similar names) and get their support both financially and in the voter booth. The teacher's unions want no competition for their members as it boosts the teacher's union membership and gives them more leverage. Competition, like charter schools, dilutes teacher unions markedly.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    everything you say is BS . I oppose your for - profit corporate schools .

  • Jerome
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    4 weeks ago

    She sees the pattern of thievery as well.

    She must have use her native side to travel to the spirit world to see this.

    Dummies in denial are blinded to this fact.....🙄

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