Do you have severe dry eyes?

What kind of eye drops are you using? I was given 1-Drop Pur Gel 4 times a day. But I find it's too expensive. I'm just looking for something cheaper.


@ anonymous. You are right. But there is only one company that sells the drops that my optometrist gave me so that tells me that she gets a commission if she sells those drops. So, I’m hoping that there is someone else that has the same problem and they can tell me what they are using.

Update 2:

@ anon. I called my optometrist and she told me what I could buy gel drops at the drugstore. I'm giving you the best answer because you took the time to answer. You deserve the best answer just the same because it pushed me to call my optometrist. Thank you. :)

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    Your doctor may not ok your looking for cheaper options.

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