I received a skydiving voucher for my birthday but I’m not sure I want to use it... what should I do?

I just had my 21st and opened up a present from my 3 best friends. They had all bought me a skydiving voucher. I won’t lie, I freaked out for a few seconds. I’m someone who loves adrenaline activities but the thought of jumping out of a plane freaks me out a little. 

I did some research to see if I could swap the experience for something else but they bought it through a skydiving company website. Through my research I also realised they all paid $100 each for the voucher so I don’t want to seem ungrateful...

I’ve tried to talk myself into it but everytime I think of skydiving I think of all the things that could go wrong....

What should I do? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Anyone that jumps out of a airplane is MUCH braver than I am.

  • 2 months ago

    I know that notion can seem strange or even intimidating and the fear factor of the unknown.

    I frequented air shows watching skydivers and wondered just what that must really be like. One day at the airport doing a short flight a group of skydivers near the terminal door, I asked one of them about it. I didn't know they even had that in my area.

    Turns out a class was just starting so I went. Learned a lot too.

    Now by the time your ground training completes, you will have a lot more confidence in  that ability and trust the equipment used. The point of ground training is what do you do when things don't go right( very rare) How to land on the ground without scraping knuckles or breaking an ankle.(how to fall)

    Trust me, your jump master knows the score and won't let you jump if they thought you not up to the challenge, the rest is your call, nobody will twist your arm or push you from the plane.

    My first jump was curiosity over fear, climbing out, hanging from the wing strut, my thought "GEEZ I can't believe I am really doing this". The the "GO" cue. well, everything went like ground training, then the coolest thing I ever saw, my feet 1000 feet above the ground. People down there look tiny but you can hear them talking over the quiet, Look out you can see the lake 25 miles away. If only that lasted longer.

    Then that last 50 feet, you see the ground coming at you, grit teeth time,,then like a sack of potatoes, Plop. get up, pull the weeds from your mouth, brush off the dirt, and like WOW,,I GOTTA DO THAT AGAIN. Some people, that is enough, now they can say they jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Some few, just the beginning of what to do on the weekends.

    It will be nothing at all like you might fantasize in your mind. 60 second freefall is like floating on the wind. near another jumper, you can't help but laugh.

    Maybe you will do it different than I did, maybe jump at 12,000 foot on a tandem, strapped with your jump master. 50 seconds of awesome.

    Not a sport for everybody, but get hooked on it, the most fun you can have with your cloths on.

    Got the chance, I say go for it.

    Started jumping in 1983, last jump 6 years back. Might do a 70th birthday jump for the heck of it.

  • 2 months ago

    I have always been scared of heights. Then I got stationed with the Coast Guard in Sitka, Alaska into a job that required constant hoisting in and out of tight places on cliffs and tiny places. It was scary for me - but - tons of fun too...… as much as I hated it - I would not trade those memories for anything.

    Your first jump - you will not be alone. You will no doubt do a tandem jump with a very experienced person. This is probably the safest way to do a jump..... you have nothing to worry about except pointing your head slowly into areas you want to video record. Like anything else in life - the first time is the hardest - and lets face it - skydiving is a major bucket list item to cross off. Some day you might bump into a gal who is also a bit of an adrenaline junky and being able to say you did this - could mean the difference between being friends. Me - I much prefer having a female as a scuba dive partner and hunting partner all my life. You can have allot more fun ..………

    Go for it.

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