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'She is the nicest girl in the neighborhood.' What is the correct sentence diagram for this?

Extra question: What is the word that modifies 'in the neighborhood'? 

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    She - subject

    is - predicate (main verb)

    the nicest girl in the neighborhood - direct object phrase

    the nicest girl - direct object

    the - article

    nicest - adjective

    in the neighborhood - prepositional phrase describing "the nicest girl", acts as an adjective

    in - preposition

    the neighborhood - object of the preposition

    the - article

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      You're right regarding the verb, of course. That should be described as a predicate nominative. You are mistaken regarding the prepositional phrase. It's the nicest GIRL in the neighborhood, not the nicest anything in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    She = subject

    Is = verb to be

    nicest = superlative/adjective

    girl = subject complement

    in the neighborhood = predicate adjunct : an adverbial phrase indicating location

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