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What can be done by the boot?

And by the Bios? Is the Bios the same as Setup?.

2-Why is having this message after F3?

Your computer have problems to boot, some device was unplugged in a wrong way. Boot/ BCD OCx00000e9 An unexpected I/O error has occured.

3-Why there's no point of recovery in the Windows 7?

There's no installation CD to the WIndows 7 but it's still have the recovery etc. What's the CD for?

4-The Windows is not working how to use DOS?

5-How to copy files from an USB from the DOS? How to put the driver?

6-Where's located the Linux? I searched in the C, D, E etc and i didn't find it.

7-There's no installation CD to the WIndows 7 but it's still have the recovery etc. What's the CD for?

8-What's the Microsoft link to download the Windows 7?

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    the BOOT data area for the OS will be in the first few sectors of the hard drive. If a problem occurs with these sectors or the data is corrupted in them, then the OS cannot start, and the sectors will need refreshing or a diagnostics repair(which may mark the sectors as bad and REPLACE them with one of the hidden spare sectors ie renumber a sector) The BCD area is a data area for the windows boot code, this can be REBUILT using the rebuild BCD command line . The BIOS is a small program built in to the Mainboard Firmware and is an editor and viewer for the CMOS battery backed up values, like the Boot Order and the hard drive type/size date and time etc. Unexpected I/O errors implies a bad hard drive or bad sectors or possibly bad voltages making reading a disk unreliable.

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    1- Boot is the term to start a computer. Boot tells the machine to check bios and begin loading the OS.

    Bios stands for Basic Input Output System. It is a built in collection of commands to turn on or off onboard equipment.

    2-You have unplugged something improperly, or the system has found an error in your system. A cold boot would be best.

    3-Recovery is different from Restore Point. Recovery is set up by the computer manufacturer. If you have set up the machine yourself, then there is no Recovery situation.

    The CD is to install from an external source.

    4- There are many commands you can do in DOS but be sure you want DOS rather than the Windows Command Prompt which is available in Safe Mode.

    5-You can drag and drop or use the Right Click -Copy and the browse to the location where you want the file and then Right Click - Paste. A driver for USB should already be installed. If not you can search for and install the right driver from it's entry in the Device Manager.

    6- Linus is an Operating system. It is not found on Windows.

    7-duplicate question. ?


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    BIOS is the hardware interface to the operating system. newer bios do have a crude setup to specifically define some hardware settings like primary/secondary boot source etc.

    Some hardware device in your computer is not responding as expected.

    Time for a savy tech to examine your machine.

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    i can't understand this question.

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