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How do i make my mom belive me?

Ok so there is these rubber gloves that my mom bought. She bought 2 sets of 2 rubber gloves i had 1 set so that i coul play with them and she had 1 set so she could clean but now she says she only bought 1 set and she took 1 glove off me and now i cant play with the 2 gloves how do i make my mom belive that she had 2 sets please answer with a real answer and no messing i really need to know how to make her belive me

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    You are always short a rubber glove until you get enough rubber gloves. Tell mom to go to the paint department of a home supply store and buy a box of 100 nitrile gloves, or better yet, a couple of boxes and store them where they are handy. You will then not run out of gloves for a long time.

    • Earleen
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      And, the biggest crises of all, no toilet paper.

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    You are worried about playing with a glove? GROW UP.

    • STEVEN F
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      You CAN'T delete a question once you receive an answer.

  • audrey
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    4 weeks ago

    That is ridiculous. If you're whining about a rubber glove, you're way too young to be posting on here. Go change your pull ups.

    • Le4 weeks agoReport

      oh i cant delete it well some people dont think it is rediculas soooooo yeah

  • Anonymous
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    If true, then what you can do is find the brand of the glove and look up what pack size they are sold in. If they are cheap gloves then it is usually 2.

    But complaining about losing a play glove when she needs one for housework cleaning is pathetic. Needy children end up getting ignored and become life's losers. Instead, make your parent proud of you and you will want for nothing.

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      no i did not mean to be needy it was a rubber glove that she promissed i could have forever so yeah she has a set she just cant find it but thanks for the help

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      its not i ma actually trying

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