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am i a pathological liar?

i googled what pathological liars are and i don’t know if i apply because i don’t lie about small things but i lie about big things. if i know a small fact or something true i usually don’t lie about it but i lie about big things 

(ex. i wouldn’t lie about my sister or other current friends but i would lie about my childhood memories or my old friends from different schools and say that they killed themselves or that they died to my current friends so that they’ll feel bad for me which i know is wrong but i still do it and i don’t know why or i would lie about small things to make them seem worse to my therapist so they would feel bad for me.

 i haven’t been caught yet but i feel really guilty for lying all of the time about such big major things that aren’t even true.)

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You`re a pathological liar if you can`t stop lying, even when it`s not necessary to lie. People usually lie, so that they don`t get in trouble, or if they don`t want to hurt someone`s feelings (white lies). A pathological liar lies even when there is no reason to lie. If you think you fit that definition, then you are pathological.

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