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Is the ancient Persian title for their rulers "King of Kings" equivalent to the more modern concept of "Emperor"?

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    In modern times, most "kings" are nowhere near in the same position of power as kings were in ancient times.

    In noting titles of "rulers" of ancient times you are looking, at least, at translations of ancient languages, sometimes having gone through a translation into some intermediate language. The whole of society and the borders of territories and similar was so different in ancient times that any modern word used must be not an exact equivalent to how people thought of their rulers in times long ago.

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    Titles never are, even the title emperor is nearly useless because it is used for such a broad category of offices.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yes. Someone like Darius the Great was considered superior to a conventional king. I would say it was more like a Byzantine or Roman Emperor. The only modern emperor is that of Japan (although it has no empire) and is no more than a constitutional monarch.

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    If somebody managed to overpower Persia at their peak and made them a vassal would that effectively make the victor the king of king of kings?

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    You mean " Shahanshah".

    I think the concept of King of Kings means there is no-one above them except maybe God. Certainly no equal ruler on earth.

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