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What are some good snack recommendations for weight loss?

I’m looking for quick snacks that I can have (college student here). Preferably 

low calorie and cheap. I’ve struggled with binge eating for years, so I don’t have the greatest relationship with food. I’m desperate to lose weight though because it’s affecting my social and personal life. I’m scared to talk about food because I don’t really trust myself with portion control. I do this thing where I binge for months and gain a lot and then I feel guilty and refuse to eat for a while. I’m currently taking in under 500 calories a day as a 300lb male and working out about 30 minutes a day. That’s really all I can handle without feeling lightheaded or nauseous. Yesterday I only ate half a bag of popcorn (160 calories) and drank some water and diet soda. I’m fine with just popcorn, but I’d like other options too. I’m not looking to lose weight in a healthy way. I just want it gone fast. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Munching carrot and celery sticks works. The crunch mainly--it feels like you're eating & satisfied--but they have few calories. Drink a LOT of water. Water fills you up and speeds metabolism. Like 10+ glasses a day. Black tea or coffee (the caffeine) is an appetite suppressant and has no calories.

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