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Why do some people speak passively?

I don't understand why a lot of people do not speak directly. I hear people say two things at once sometimes and it bothers me. I think that it is abuse because the person doing it could be gaslighting or trying to create a fearful tone to deny responsibility.

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  • 2 months ago

    I say with love "shut the f---k up." Yadda yadda yadda all this pop psychology bullshit. You are the victim, Sobe it. Strawberry banana ginseng, yum.

    When speaking, some of us know how to project into people be it purposefully or accidentally. It's an energetic thing that's hard to teach where you kind of grab them by the heart and pull them towards you. Why do you listen to your mom or your wife more than some random crackhead? You two know how to grab each other by the heart; project.

    Other people can't do that. They just verbalize into the wind when you happen to be around. The words and the energy are stuck inside them. They manipulated air to make noise but did not act on matter with their energy. So you look up after hearing "hey do you have a dollar?" "I never loved you and I want a divorce." The sound seems to implicate they are addressing you but the energy might as well be hail on a tin roof. The hail has no intentions. It just is.

  • 2 months ago

    Not speaking passively with certain people often leads to arguments. Some who speak passively got into so many arguments that they just stopped caring about the smaller stuff. They'll still stand up if its something more important though. I find myself getting into "debates" with people whose primary objective was just to talk over me, belittle my opinions, and just to be outright arrogant. In the end it often takes multiple people and me to make the point before the other person would finally let their guard down. It was pathetic and is one reason for why I personally don't waste my efforts on the smaller stuff. Passive can mean not standing up for yourself, it can be a means to avoid responsibility, but it can also mean a person doesn't want to waste their energy arguing over stupid things with people who don't want a debate so much as.. an argument. Pointless arguments are tedious wastes of a persons life. Quite a lot of that kind of time wasting going on in my countries government right now...

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