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What do i call my solo project?

I have a solo project that i do by myself. I record all the music and instruments myself. I want some names that are catchy and roll off the tongue easy. I like names of bands like Memhpis May Fire and Crown the Empire because the roll off the tongue easy. Some possible themes for the names are Autumn, Harvesting, Hand holding, and hearts.

Please let me know some names. I can't think of any and I need names. Thank you

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  • 10 months ago

    Jerkin' Off Alone In My Room

    JOAIMR as the the radio DJs and Walmart will call it.

  • Andrew
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    10 months ago

    You don't need to specify that you don't have help with your solo project and that you do everything on your own, that's what "solo" means. And I certainly hope that you're just playing covers, because I can't imagine that someone who's incapable of coming up with a name for the project would be capable of writing anything worth listening to. The names that you mention don't "roll off the tongue easily", the first is five syllables long and the second is six. Examples of names that "roll off the tongue easily" would be 'Cream', 'The Who', and 'Black Sabbath', a single syllable, two syllables, and three syllables respectively. I don't think there's anything particularly "catchy" about either of the names you've listed. They're not memorable or intelligent or original in any way. 

    'Pink Floyd.' Now, that's a great name. 'Led Zeppelin', that's another great name. Or something really meta like 'The Band', that works too. 

    You mention 'Autumn', well, years ago there was a side project called 'Mad Season', which was actually a really catchy name. 

    What's wrong with 'Autumn Harvest'? It's short, simple, easy to remember. It might not be the most imaginative name ever, but it will work for you. 

    Without having any idea what type of sound you're going for, it's not easy to suggest something. You ought to actually TRY and devote some thought to it before simply throwing up your hands and asking strangers to do it for you. 

    That's the problem with the world today, young people are weak, dependent, unimaginative, needy, and impatient. "I want a name and I want it now - gimme!" 

    Have you tried opening the dictionary to random pages? 

    Have you tried looking at the first three or four objects in the room and then making an anagram of the first letter those objects start with?

    Have you tried ANYTHING besides asking other people to do it for you?   

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