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I am in love with a man 26 years my senior but have serious doubts in starting a relationship with him. Read details would love your advice?

So I am 27 years old and a virgin--I know I've heard all the jokes, spare me. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm attractive and in good shape and have a great career where I make enough money to live well. I want to have sex with someone I'm in love with and until meeting him I hadn't met that person. I haven't been leading him on because I'm scared that he won't ever accept me being a virgin or might judge me and leave. I really never had these feelings like I do for him with anyone but I don't know what to do. Advice?


He has strong feelings for me as well..

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    You don't say how this guy seems to feel about you. If he has given any indication that he is either in love with you or otherwise interested in a relationship then you two should be honest with one another and discuss what each other's intentions are. You don't necessarily lead a guy on by letting him know you like him. Since it sounds as though you have your own life I think you should maintain it. if he fits into it great, but don't do anything rash like moving in with him. As far as you being a virgin, I really doubt that is going to frighten off a guy that is in his 50s. If anything, my guess is he will admire and respect you even more.

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    If you believe in yourself then please go ahead and have a nice time with the person you admire and like.

    Do not wait for validation from the Society, because you are never going to get it.

    Listen to your heart and take a plunge.

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