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Is it possible for him to like me too?

A lot of people think me and my best guy friend are already dating or either should be dating. For example, some of our friends say he lights up when I enter the room or any time he hears my name etc. They even say we're meant to be together. I know he has a gf but I keep wondering if it's possible for him to like me too. Sometimes my gut tells me that he does which is crazy for me to even think considering how insecure I am. I know he's not the cheating type though so he'd never admit it and would definitely not cheat. I would never do anything to come between their relationship either at least not intentionally. So could he like me too? Is it possible to like maybe even love 2 people at once?

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    It is possible but is he happy with his gf and are you happy for them if he is then you should tell him you like him because what’s life without a little risk. If your in love with him you tell him then tell him that “I know your happy or not with your gf and I want you to know I’m always there for you and if you don’t like me back it’s okay”

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      He says he's happy with her and loves her but he's been hurt a lot in relationships. They started dating a couple of weeks after we met. I feel like she's using him and I'm not just saying that because of my feelings for him. Our other friends see it too. I don't want to lose him as a friend though.

  • Polygamy is a thing.

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      😂 I know but it's gross in my opinion. I guess I was just wondering if he'd ever realise he likes me instead of her honestly... stupid I know.

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