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Why in interviews/the new documentary, does Meghan Markle dominate Harry, finish his sentences, disrespect him? Is she a "dominant" partner?

Do you think it would be fair to conclude she is a Controlling Narcissist, a user?

I have said this before. This whole relationship is very Oedipal. Harry was searching for a mother figure. He found her in Meghan. She mothers him, guiding him with her arm behind his back, she holds his hand to reassure him, she gazes into his eyes showing her total 'devotion' ... she answers questions for him and dominates the conversation, finishing his sentences It is all very calculated. She knows how to manipulate him. He craves this 'motherly' attention. He needs her. He is very needy, understandably so, after losing his own mother at such a young age. He is very protective of his 'mother'-figure wife.

What do you, think? Fair assessment or what...

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    Seeing as how you've never even met either of them, all you're doing is guessing. This is like when "body language experts" decide some celebrity and his or her flavor of the month are either headed for divorce or matrimonial bliss based on how they're holding their right pinky finger and left earlobe.

    I mean...seriously?

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      If you had met them, that still wouldn’t qualify you in any way to make such an assessment, or, more correctly, assumption.

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    I think it's sheer madness to develop these sort of behavioral theories about people you don't know. The rag mags are having themselves a field day trying to destroy this young couple who, at worst, are now 6th, SIXTH, in line to the throne. Leave them alone for pete's sake! They are likely both lovely people who crave privacy while in horrendously publicly hounded position they are clearly TRYING to handle with compassion and grace. SIXTH in line to the thrown! People ought to back off.

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      Interesting. Your "observation" appears extremely personal as well. "Observations" be deeply personal but reactions need explaining? That's funny.

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