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Do women have a stronger desire/need for sex than men? Do they have stronger sex drives b/c of less impotency?

I mean, for example, women have their sexual peak in their 30s, and it lasts for a LONG TIME, and many women report an increased sex drive up to this period, and other women report even more sex after menopause, whereas with men, they have their sexual peak at 19 or 20, and slowly, their libidos go down, and impotency and such problems start. In fact, many husbands say their wives desire sex more often than they do, even in their 40s or 50s! Lastly, women aren't as susceptible to impotency as men are For example, many men keep looking at internet porn and after years of it, day in and out, they sometimes can't 'get it up'(have an erection) by a real woman b/c of their porn addictions. However, if women keep looking at naked men or porn all the time or for years, many of them can still get aroused in their genitals sooner, if not later. What do u say? Do women have higher sex libidos than men?

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    Well from my experience, women are into far more little freaky deeky sex activities. like for guys it's rub rub rub.. *** and done. it's gone, over. done. but women love to make a whole ceremony out of sex.. like laying on top of a man while he's resting. yes that apparantly does something for their needs... sniffing balls. over and over again. wanting their nipples messed with for hours.. orgasm denial. autoerotic asphyxiation... like chocking..

    so yes women are far more sexually weird and involved.

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    Yea that's why men rape goats :D

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    Women only have to open their vagina with

    Absolutely no effort. Men need max testosterone and good blood flow to get aroused

    Or get a hard one. Each has issues with

    Sex at different ages. Young girls get too

    Scared to give it up even though men do

    Most of the work during sex. Too many

    Girls withhold sex while men are at their

    Peak sexually. So if girls don't get laid

    It's their fault in most cases. Men usually

    Give it up if a girls asks for it. But most

    Girls never ask for it. Girls cause most

    Of the problems with sex.

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    ill get back to you in 40 years

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    Nothing you said is true.

    1. Both men and women have their sexual peak at the same time. Just because some women say otherwise doesn't make a trend either, but just an exception.

    2. Both men and women start to experience sexual dysfunction more often at around the same age.

    3. Porn can negatively affect both men and women in terms of sexual function if it is watched too often.

    I do however love how women push this myth merely because it makes them feel superior than men about something.

    It doesn't even make any sense that women would peak in sexual drive when their fertility is decreasing or gone. Why do women think this myth even makes sense when it logically doesn't even get close to working? So what, for millions of years when people only lived to thirty barely any women peaked in sex drive? Oh come now, no one is going to buy that.

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    haha idk if your a guy or a girl. But I’ll come in with a guys perspective. Obviously most people in their younger ages are going to have a higher sex drive, guys and girls. By younger I mean 20-30s. I do believe like you said, Watching online porn can lower men’s in person sex drive. I did a little research after reading your question. A few studies have shown than men in all ages tend to have a higher sex drive than women. Men think about sex more than women and men are a lot more straight forward about it.

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