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Am I being paranoid?

I was talking to my girlfriend on Friday and twice I heard a man’s voice in the background responding to something she said to me before the call suddenly ended. I tried calling her back several times and she didn’t answer. Finally she responded to one of my texts and claimed that her phone died, tho it didn’t seem like it did, and that she didn’t call me back because she suddenly remembered an eye doctors appointment she had. Usually when someone’s phone is off for whatever reason a call will go straight to voicemail but the first time I called her it rang once then went to voicemail, the second time (which was almost 5 minutes after the first time) it rang four times, and the third (about 20 minutes after the second time) it just rang once again. Alone that might not seem so suspicious but she was distant all of last week and said that her mom was in town and it had been a long time since she had made an effort to spend time with her so she wanted to be with her. Am I being paranoid that something is going on or is all this suspicious?

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