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Please help?

During a concert, a "Fa" note is played on a horn that has a frequency of 349 Hz. When using a pressure gauge, it marks me that the maximum pressure difference from the atmospheric pressure produced by this sound is 0.5 Pascal.


to). How much is the intensity of sound in decibels?

b). What is the wavelength of this sound? (Speed ​​of sound in the air of 343 m / s).

C). What is the pressure equation as a function of time?

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    Hearing limit is p0= 20*10^(-6)

    Decible =db= 10 log( p/p0)=10 log(0.5*10^6/20)=60 *0.025=1.5

    Wave length= 343/349=0.12 m

    For the pressure equation you need the amplitude value. I have to guess

    Wave=sqrt(0.)5 sin wt, pressure will be square of the value= o0.5 sin^2 wt= 0.5/2(1- cos 2 wt)

    =0.25 (1_ cos 2*2 pi*349 t)

    This is all guess work. Verify with the answers you have.

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