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What was the name of the last battle of the war of 1812? How did that battle affect the life of its commander, Andrew Jackson?

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    The last Battle won By the British and the last of the war of 1812 was the Taking of Fort Bowyer and because the British achieved its main objective of saving Canada they went home leaving the USA on the Losing side Broke and Bankrupt and out of Canada

     February 4, 1815 with all of the British troops aboard, and the army captured Fort Bowyer at the mouth of Mobile Bay on February 12. They were making preparations to attack Mobile the next day when news arrived of the peace treaty.

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    the war had been lost and the Whitehouse burned down by the British the Americans were chased all the way down to New Orleans by the British the rabbits fought back on home ground and won like the Indians at the BIG HORN Jackson became president the Indians got nothing that's the truth you hate that

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    The last battle of the War of 1812 was The Battle of the Sink Hole. May 24th 1815.

    Four and a half months after The Battle of New Orleans, which did include Andrew Jackson.

    Andrew Jackson had nothing to do with The Battle of the Sink Hole.

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    The last battle was the Battle of New Orleans.  It was actually fought after the war ended, because communications were so slow in those days.  But it was one of very few battles the Americans won.  So it made Andrew Jackson a big hero, helping him later become president.

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      No the last battle was the British Taking Fort Bowyer

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