What is wrong with me?

I am dating this guy and we are pretty sexually-active and do something every time we are around each other. So, we were watching this show and the person in the show was watching porn to get better at sex and he made a comment that I need to practice. It made me feel kinda shitty, but I just laughed it off and then I considered all the girls he’s had sex with and they have way more sex appeal than me and knew what they were doing and were overall hotter. I feel like a lame baby compared to him like he’s so experienced and I’ve only had sex with only one guy before him and it was only 2 times with the guy before. I want to able to please him because he pleases me, but what if he just doesn’t find me attractive. What is wrong with me?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If he finds you attractive enough to screw you can't be too bad looking on the eyes.

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