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Does this mean I need to give him space?

BF and I had a little argument. He wants me to be more fun, so I told him to find another girl because he even said there's another girl who is interested in him (I think it's fake though). He said "see ya" but came back a few hours later wanting to talk issues and make up. So, we met and everything was great and we are exclusive again. But, the next day when we met again, he says I'm too clingy (called him 42 times the other day when I thought something happened to him), that I'm materialistic (wanting him to check out jewelry when he was sick...but I didn't even though he's that sick), and that he already gave me so many chances. He said he wants to break up but can still be friends or FWBs. I told him that I didn't realize about those issues and that I don't even want jewelry anymore. I told him I just want one more chance, that I'll make changes, but he says he doesn't feel like it anymore. He also asked why I want another chance....but I just kept saying I'll change and that I really like him. He says he'll help me to move on and tried to hug me....but I kinda turned my back so he hugged that instead. Do I need to give him space? Why is he telling me these issues and not even giving me one more chance? And after I left for home, I tried contacting him but he is not replying. Why is he not replying even though he said we can be friends?

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    Face the facts. Your a pain in the azzzz to him. He's done with your neediness. You need to mature more if you want a lasting relationship.

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