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is this man avoiding getting married?

my daughter has been in a relationship with a man for 8 years..she is now 32 and he is 34...he lives with his mother and works part time....he didnt want to get married before..because he is not financially stable and does not want to pay my daughter had been waiting on him to get his life in order....recently he decided to get married to her...and said that they will live at his mothers house...he cant afford to rent. but he does not want his mother at his wedding and is afraid to talk to her about moving his intended wife into her home...he has not put up the bands...and has not spoken to any clergy about his intentions.....he is afraid to talk to his my daughter is waiting...could he be stalling?

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    It looks like this man isn't intending on telling his mother he's married, when your daughter (foolishly marries him). He'll insist they live in separate houses - until mother dies of old age. This man isn't marriage material. He's stalling and, it seems, has no goal at all to get onto his own two feet.

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    Stalling? Yeah over 8 years worth. WHY does she want to marry a so called man who

    a. Doesn't earn enough to support himself let alone a family.

    b. Doesn't want to move out of his Mother's house.

    c. Can't even tell his Mother he wants to get married, and to whom.

    d. Lives with the woman but doesn't want her at his wedding.

    All points to a man who is so immature he can't and won't face his Mother and tell her he is attached and wants to get married. He cannot simply surprise his Mother with a bride and expect he can just move her in too. This guy is a Mummy's Boy and not ready to be married to anybody yet.

    I'd advise your daughter to stop wasting her time if she wants more from life than living his life with his Mother as an extra and not the main focus.

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    How eager is your daughter to move into his Mommy's home and wait upon his Mother? While living off her? With her being in the center of all they do? Your daughter has been looking longingly towards this future for years now? Getting more and more eager? She really, really, really wants to move in to his Mother's house with him? No way out?

    Good grief. Nothing you can do then.

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    8 years! That’s a long time.

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