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Are any of these sentences examples of allusion?

"President and Mrs. Bush, President Clinton, Vice President, Dr. Biden, Chief Justice Roberts, Secretary Skorton, Rev. Butts, distinguished guests, thank you. Thank you for your leadership in making sure this tale is told. We’re here in part because of you and because of all those Americans; the Civil War vets, the Civil Rights foot soldiers, the champions of this effort on Capitol Hill, who for more than a century kept the dream of this museum alive. It includes our leaders in Congress, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi. It includes one of my heroes, John Lewis, who, as he has so often, took the torch from those who came before him and brought us past the finish line. It includes the philanthropists and benefactors and advisory members, who have so generously given not only their money but their time. It includes the Americans who offered up all the family keepsakes tucked away in grandma’s attic. And, of course, it includes a man without whose vision and passion and persistence we would not be here today, Mr. Lonnie Bunch."

- taken from President Obama's speech at the African American Museum

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