how to change toner on hp printer?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Pop the lid, pop the xerox screen up which it should come up fairly easily and it should expose the printer parts. if it's on it should automatically go into the middle if the printer is off it will be all the way to the right and somewhat hidden. you can drag it to the middle if you like i doubt it causes any issues but if you want to be safe turn the printer on then pop the tops off.

    then you just pop the tabs on the top and it should pop the catridges out. the catridge you will need is stated on these catridges. if you still don't understand how just youtube it. doesn't need to be a specific printer just say "hp printer" and click any video. home printers work all the same nothing too hard.

    if you got like say a big printer typically found in offices then that is a different issue.

    if you youtube the specific printer there should be video's but it's fairly self explanatory once you expose the insides not much you can take apart without breaking it. i've gone through many printers due to not using them frequently then they break but no issues on any of them. all were HP as well.

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on model of laser printer. Guessed that from "toner". Otherwise, no guess from here. Read user manual or go on line or call HP.

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