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Do people on here not know what a straw man argument really is ? ?

Example of a straw man  

Sally says " i believe in common sense gun control because people that have mental health peoblems should not have guns, guns violence kills x amount of people every year,and there should be a limit on the round capacity"

Then bob says " why do you want to ban all guns " 

Bob has committed a straw man argument because sally never said that she wanted to ban guns. 


Sally said she she believes  in common sense gun control because x,y,z not that she wanted to ban guns.

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    That's a Ad Hominem but who cares about terminologies . It only leafs to special pleading fallacies thru straw man Ad Hominem s .

  • That is NOT a Straw Man argument.

    In fact: Bob's question is not an argument at all.

    (Bob does seem to be employing the logical "fallacy of many questions", though.)

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    The more i learn thats why i come on here.

  • Mike W
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    Going along those lines, Sally isn't being totally up front with what she wants either. They say they want common sense gun control without ever defining what they mean by common sense. It doesn't mean the same thing to everyone.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Guns kill people. They SHOULD be banned.

  • 3 weeks ago

    is this Maidment? Cause my English teacher was talking about this the other day. lol

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    That is not a strawman argument. Look it up and try again.


    Granted, Bob may have committed a fallacy, but it is not a strawman argument. "Slippery slope" may be applicable, but I suspect that it is different.

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