Curious and would like advice on crush?

So the other day she started to talk to me after class which lately we dont do and then invited me to lunch?

Then next day which is yesterday, i was with her and a mutual friend and we were studying. Somewhere alone that time she invited me for badminton today but it didnt happen, she didnt hmu for it but whatever .

She left so its just me and out mutual friend.

Mutual friend and i went to get dinner cause were hungry so we talked. He starts to talk about girls and i said yeah theres cute girls blah blah blabB in our class then later on hee specifically asked me about prachi aka my "crush". I said shes cool ya know, i met her this summer blah blah blab... then he added " are you sure you dont like her? Because you have good vibe together, she makes you laugh, you make her laugh" then i said yeah shes cool and i ended up telling him that i asked her out this summer but she just wanted to be friends.

What is happening?? Did she tell him to ask me about her? Or what

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