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In the us how does disability checks work? How do you qualify?

does your job pay you or does the govt. Pay you im confuesd

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  • Judith
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    Disability benefits are generally paid by the Social Security Administration which is a federal agency. The qualifications are therefore the same nationwide. Social Security handles TWO disability programs - social security which a person earns by working and paying into the social security program. The benefit amount is determined by how much you pay in and SSI (supplemental security income) which is a federal welfare program. That means income/resources must be under certain limits.

    The DEFINITION OF DISABILITY by social security for adults is this: A person must be so severely disabled that they are incapable of working and earning $1220 a month for at least one full year. The monthly earnings amount changes each year. If under age 50 they must be unable to do any type of work - not just work they've done. If age 50 or older they must be unable to do the same type of work they've done most in the 15 years before becoming disabled. The decision is not made by a person's doctor since they are not social security employees and do not know social security's criteria for entitlement. Social Security gathers the medical evidence and makes the medical decision.

    The Veteran's Administration also pays out disability benefits. It is called compensation if a result of injury/illness while on active duty and the percentage paid depends upon degree. It is otherwise called a pension and is based upon financial need. Pensions can be paid to the veteran's survivors.

    I'm sure there are other federal agencies which pay out disability but can't offhand think of one. Some STATES pay out disability benefits; e.g. California but I don't think that the majority of states do.

    Worker's Comp - pays benefits to workers injured on the job.

    How disability is defined depends upon the agency paying the benefit.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
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    The government pays you.

    First, you have to be diagnosed with a condition that the government considers a disability that keeps you from being able to work full time. Then, you have to apply for disability payments and a judge reviews your case. Most applications get thrown out by the judge unless the applicant has hired a law firm that specializes in disability applications. If the judge approves your disability application, then you will begin receiving monthly checks, including back payments going back to the time you submitted your first application. Your payments are calculated based on the number of years that you were employed and the amount of income you made while you were working.

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    Government. How you gonna get a job if you are disabled. Thats the point.

    If you are injured on your job because of unsafe work environment though you could get workers compensation from your job, but that's different. Maybe you confused disability payments and workers comp.

    • Joey4 weeks agoReport

      I heard about some guys going on short term disability at my job so i got confised

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