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Why do muslims love trolling in the Israel section?

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    @Yes - I haven't trolled any Muslims in a long, long time. Most have left Yahoo Answers and gone elsewhere. Most likely have been recruited to join ISIS or apostatized. Maybe they were unable to answer any questions or respond to valid criticisms when their faith was tested. Whatever their excuses they are not here anymore. Only the fake Muslims remain such as yourself you are in name only. No reputation or good deeds to go with that Avatar of yours. Pictures are haram in sunni thought [oxymoron] of Islam. You are being a naughty little Poney aren't you?

    The only true Muslims I've seen I can count on one hand. Two I know and are both shia. Adullah M, I like to call him Adullamite :)

    The other is Sayid Sawa. His account got deleted by snow flakes. I haven't seen him since. There was another account called "Ruhollah Khomeini" but I think that is a troll account. Not a very active account. Not worth paying much attention.

    Have you seen any shia accounts lately? I haven't. Donald J. Trump would call out your BS as "fake news" Lol. I troll sometimes. But Muslims are not on my agenda at the moment. I rarely even visit the Israel section these days. Not one worth listening too. THe only good contributors left are TNO and BMCR and Steve. I'm not talking to Robert at the moment because I suspect he is a Christian and who won't admit to being Jewish. I am a man of my word. He remains blocked forever until he is honest with me. I think its been a year since I spoke to him.

    For your information and I am only speaking the emes to you bro. The Shias are the true Muslims and I can prove it with with the al-Qur'an and Hadith. If you believe you can challenge me bring it on! The Ahlus sunnah wal jammah/ nasibis are kufarrrr and munafiqs!! They deny what Allah commanded to the Prophet and the order to give respect and dignity to Ahlul Bayt (Muhammad's progeny) who are the stars of guidance and the leaders of the ummah. See comments for details.


    Source(s): Orthodox Jew
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  • BMCR
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    This is one of those rare occasions where I agree with BravoSierra's first sentence.

    So, yes, both pro Israel and anti Israel people have the freedom to post to Yahoo Answers.

    It is expected we would both congregate here.

    In fact, I have been called a pro Israel troll before... by BravoSierra actually.

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    Yahoo is a liberal forum / site, people ask and other people answer, if you like the answer good for you, if you don't it's your problem.

    Now why are you involving Muslims and religions in your question, everybody can be part of this open site, we are not in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Israel to mute free people to talk.

    I do not recognize Israel as a legitimate state or nation because they stole the Arabic lands from its people, when you go in the Israeli history since 1948, a smart person will recognize the Apartheid side of this temporary state.

    @Anonymous : Read in ShayP long description, he wrote : "BravoSierra blocked my account" not yahoo.

    Long life Palestine, Israel is Apartheid.

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    Hate and Deceit is the Muslim nature.

  • Yes
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    4 weeks ago

    Yeah, as much as the 40+ fake Shia accounts owned by Yoel Cohen....

  • Anonymous
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    Theres a muslim from ohio currently living in China that needs to be deported. He’s well known around here, he’s famous for his 40+ accounts he has who he uses to troll on this section. Immature Muslim

    Source(s): ShayP would always put him in his place.
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      Dude, we all know you're Yoel Cohen. No need to post anonymously....

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