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Politics, why weren’t leftists on here calling out Tulsi Gabbard for being a “Russian Asset” last week?

Why’d they only just start bringing this up?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    They did. The subject was brought up in the news months ago. She didn't deny taking money and advice from Russians at the time. She said she did nothing wrong. Just look at who is supporting her --all Trumpublicans.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Clinton reminds me a lot of Jan Brady.

    "Russia, Russia, Russia!"

  • Chris
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    4 weeks ago

    Hillary pulled an idiotic fantasy out of her fat azz, and the shitheads went with it out of force of habit.

  • Here's All of Tulsi Gabbard's Biggest supporters.

    Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad,

    David Duke, Steve Bannon,

    Tucker Carlson, Jill Stein, Nina Turner,

    David Sirota, Susan Sarandon,

    and Donald Trump -- along with thousands of Russian bots.

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  • Manny
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    4 weeks ago

    Because she was one by proxy by being an al-Assad apologist for being skeptical in his role of gassing civilians.

    The only people who ever liked Tulsi are just right-wingers who are trying to spoil the Democrat party.

    Either you don't know what's going on, or you're in on it.

    Source(s): The only thing new is that Hillary said it out loud, that's it…
  • 4 weeks ago

    CNN hadn't told them to yet.

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