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Physics hw help pleaseeee?

A dock worker gives a crate a strong push up a slippery 20° ramp (μk = 0.1). The crate elevates 2.6 m higher than its initial y position at the release point of the worker's hands before coming to a stop on the ramp. Determine the speed at which the crate was moving when released.

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    The kinetic energy of the push will convert to work of friction and increase in gravity potential energy

    KE = W + PE

    ½mv² = Fd + mgh

    ½mv² = (μmgcosθ)(h/sinθ) + mgh

    v² = 2μgcotθh + 2gh

    v² = 2gh(μcotθ + 1)

    v² = 2(9.8)(2.6)(0.1cot20 + 1)

    v² = 64.961...

    v = 8.0596...

    v = 8.1 m/s

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