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Why are feminists gender swapping movie characters?

Why is this happening so much?

Take an already established franchise, gender swap, then take the credit for it.

Why dont they come up with their own original ideas instead of bastardizing franchises with their poison?

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  • Elana
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    4 weeks ago

    I agree this is the laziest most cynical type of movie production.

    A: If the first movie made a lot of money, even if the gender-swapped is bad, it will probably make it its investment back. New concept movies are riskier, far less likely to make their investment back than sequels.

    B: Hollywood has been criticized for being politically incorrect for decades now. Interestingly, they don't seem to gender swap villains much, however, do they?

    C: Like any fad, when someone will come up with something that generates money more reliably, it will pass. Certainly when large numbers of people stop going to see a movie specifically because it is thought to be a gender-swapped version of a money maker and they stop making money, this will pass.

    Look at the market, look at the success of the movies. Oceans 8 got more press than Oceans 11 yet Oceans 11 made more money when it came out and continues to make more.

    How did Captain Marvel do compared to earlier versions? And of course, everybody's favorite one to pick on: How did the female version of Ghostbusters do?

    And why did Black Panther with its female characters do so well even when NOT coming from a franchise?

    Innovation generates buzz generates movie-goers.

    Genderswapping generates some tepid polite political applause followed by the sound of snoring.

  • Bill
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    4 weeks ago

    Hollywood does all sorts of annoying nonsense like this these days.

    The reason for this annoyance is three reasons.

    1. Feminists want to take all the traditional male roles in movies and give them to women.

    2. Laziness.

    3. Bad writers. Hollywood is notorious for not paying writers enough money, so what ends up happening is that they can't good quality writers since the good writers won't work for pocket change.

    It's actually an interesting thing to undercut when talking about something that is supposed to be a form of art, but I suppose when you're overpaying actors you have to make up the money somewhere.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Are you under some strange delusion _feminists_ run Hollywood studios? It's just a variation on lazy reboot madness. Reboot this other show we already wrote and change minor detail X. Low effort, hope for high profit.

    • Bill
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      4 weeks agoReport

      Are you under illusion that female action hero movies are not somehow feminist? lol

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Feminists probably won't even watch the movie anyway so I don't know why it happens so much

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