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Reporting results of concentration of a solution?

Hey so I have a stock solution at 5 mM concentration. I made aliqouts of this solution in water with 1 uL of stock solution in 100uL of water.  I then used 5 uL of the aliquot solution in my experiment. I want to report these results and I think the correct way to do this 5uL of a 1% solution (5 mM with the name of reagent and where is was purchased). Would this be correct. Thank you!

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    No, it isn't correct. Why not just calculate and report the actual concentration of the reagent used in the experiment.

    Since you diluted the 5 mM stock 100-fold, its concentration is 50 uM in the solution you actually used. So you could say "5 uL of 50 uM ____ "

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      Okay this makes sense. I'm new to solution making so still learning how to make sense of everything, thank you very much!

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