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I am 45 female and against sex before marriage cos of religious reasons, but I like this guy and I want to sleep with him. I cant have?

children so legal marriage is not needed to protect their rights also I am financially fine too. Can I live with that guy without having legal marriage? It is just a piece of paper. I cant ask him to have legal marriage with me.

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    As per Islam, political marriage (i.e. registering it with your country) is irrelevant. You only need to fulfill the Islamic sharia aspects of marriage (i.e. Nikah) for it to be valid in the sight of Allah.

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    sura 9:5 ''o'' prophet! lawful to you are your wives to whom you have paid their due dowries and the slave girls allah has given you from the spoils of war ect.,,, sura 4:24 all married women are forbidden unto you except those captives your right hand posses.. it is a decree from allah for you....the hadiths tells us mohammad made this up after some of his gang were reluctant to rape the married women in the presents of there husbands. who were unbelievers.. tell us more about your allah and why you know nothing about him.

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    It doesn't matter, it still doesn't make it okay to commit adultery. Have some shame. You yourself said you are against relations before marriage. Then where are your beliefs?

    Stop making accuses saying you can't marry. You appear to be someone who is lustful and only after lust. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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    1 month ago

    Well, you chose a religion that is set in opposition to your human nature without question and you have to live with that.

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    1 month ago

    you are 45 and not yet married?

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    why do you need to seek reassurance for what you believe in by asking other peoples opinions about what you believe??

    this to me Is a sign of a weak-minded person that is unsure of what he or she wants

    if you truly believe that sex before marriage is wrong, than accept what you believe in and not seek others opinions.

    Source(s): and considering how you are 45 years old, it amazes me that even middle aged folks can still lack maturity and toughness
    • what a well thought answer to a ridiculous question... well done.

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