Why are my guitar strings really tight after I restring?

I have a classical guitar.  I recently changed strings (Ernie Ball Earthwood Nylon Ball-End 80/20).  I get it turned to standard but it goes out of key quickly - and I know part of the reason is because they are new strings - but my problem is that when I tune up to get it back in standard tuning, the string tension increases, making it harder to play.   At first the strings were at a good tension while in tune, but as they gradually went out and I had to keep tuning up, the strings of course get tighter.  Is this normal?  Is it because of how I wound the strings?

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    New nylon strings go out of tune quickly.  That's normal  Annoying, but totally normal.

    Those Earthwood strings are rated "medium" or "normal" tension, so if your guitar is in good shape, that's not too much stress on the wood when the strings are in tune.

    Your fingers are another matter.  If the full tension is keeping you from practicing a full session, you could try either tuning all strings down a half step or more while you're toughening up your fret hand.

    You can run into buzzing, so experiment.  If you can tune down at least a half step without problems then another idea is to use light tension strings.  Ernie Ball doesn't make them, but D'Addario Pro-Arte EJ43 strings are close (ish) in price (about $9/set instead of about $7 for the Earthwoods) and pretty widely available.  They're not ball-end though, so you'll have to tie them on.

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    Tuning up a guitar is going to mean that the strings are tighter than they were - the string tension increases.

    If the tension seems greater than it was with the old strings then I'd guess the strings are different. I believe there are “high tension” and “medium tension” nylon strings available.

  • 1 month ago

    That sounds completely normal to me but you might want to ask your guitar teacher about it. I use Savarez 520R red card strings on my Jose Ramirez classical and I've not noticed this issue.

    Source(s): Playing guitar for 57 years
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