relationship help?

I'm a senior in highschool, which sounds kind of late, but ive never been great with guys. But now that I have a boyfriend and we've been dating almost 6 months, I feel like somethings not right and i really need help

so ive been friends with him for 3 years, he had a girlfriend for a year, broke up with her, then we dated about 2-3 months after that. (I kind of feel like a rebound.)

BUT, even though we've been together for almost 6 months, he treats me different In school/around his friends than when we're not at school. We started dating over the summer, which was fun, then I got confused when school started, because he kind of treats me more like a friend that his girlfriend. I mean we hold hands, kiss occasionally, but other than that he kind of talks to me like one of the boys, and it makes be feel sad/not special.

For ex, ill wait for him at the end of the day, and when he sees me, he doesnt really seem excided, and today he threw his mini football at me, and like talked about a show he watched (accidently using his ex's netflix that he thought was mine) which you can talk about to anyone. sometimes yes I do want to express that im excited to see him and hug him and stuff, but i dont want to be clingy. Is that annoying?

I do get insecure because i remember him and his ex were all over eachother. I'm new to this & not sure if its normal:( take a while to get feelings, and they just got stonger, but then i feel like i loose them when he acts all different

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    It sounds to me like he's somewhat immature. Maybe he doesn't want his friends to know he "likes you." If he's not excited to see you, I'd stop waiting for him and see what happens next. I don't know if he's annoyed or not. Maybe he's not over his ex-girfriend. Seniors in high school are aware that they will be off the college next year, and I think that changes relationships.

    I'm 10 years older than you are, and I have had difficulty "reading" men. My issue was more along the lines of being casual about the relationship when it's the two of us BUT being all over me in front of other people.

    And, yes, feelings sort of intensify and then loosen and then intensify. When they get less strong, then that's the time to re-evaluate the situation.

    I remember the insecure feelings, but you have to remember that every relationship is different, no two are the same. His relationship with you will never be like his relationship with "her." Each relationship has its own pluses and minuses.

    I'd take a deep breath, realize your value as a person and a girlfriend and sort of follow his lead.

    I wish you well!

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