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Atheists, do you ever wish you had a community akin to Church to belong to?

So I greatly enjoy the community of my Church. I'm familiar with dozens of families, have met any number of friends through the Church, and there's always social events to attend if I feel so obliged.

One thing I have always wondered is if Atheists feel they're at all missing out by not having an organized community to regularly interact with.  Like it often seems like people who talk about being inverted or having few friends also seem to identify as Atheist, and I wonder if their lives would be improved by having some sort of like minded group to interact with.

Don't take this as me bashing Atheists.  I'm just curious and would greatly appreciate honest answers, thanks!

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    There are plenty: meeting friends in the bar, the theatre, the cinema, restaurants, social clubs, sports clubs etc.

    Do you wish there were some social community you could join for People Who Don't Play Chess?

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    You need to understand all that Pastor nonsense about the world being fallen and evil is garbage .

    The world is a awesome place with many interesting people .

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    Why do you ASSume we don't have an organized community to regularly interact with?

    I regularly meet with a pagan drum circle for picnics, kayak camping trips and of course drumming.

    My neighbors are native Americans and have quarterly tribal meetings. I'm always welcome.

    I volunteer weekly at a nursing home where a group of volunteers befriends ladies abandoned there.

    I find it rather interesting that some Christians believe they have a monopoly on supportive communities. Community exists outside religious organizations as well. You should try it, you might be exposed to new ideas you never knew existed!

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    I have zero interest in associating myself with church people

    and associating with people for the sake of having a community is just dumb and sheepish to me

    and flaw of your question is that you assume someone that isn't party of a church community is missing out on something so valuable when there are so much more valuable things in life that I personally desire more

    I also ask you church goers, don't YOU feel you are missing out on life outside of your church bubble??

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  • EddieJ
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    1 month ago

    I biked 1800 mi since April -- by myself.

    I went to a game night on Friday organized by a neighbor. That neighbor is active in a church but doesn't feel his church community fulfills all his needs.

    I met someone at the game night who told me about a bike club. When I got home, I looked it up online. But, the problem is that I might not be in the mood for a bike ride when the club decides to do it.

    I see many types of activities in local publications. None of them interest me.

    I went to the game night to see the guy's house. I played one game but had zero interest in it.

    • I find off roading way too much work is what I meant to say above. Lol, so many typos, very embarrassing!!!

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    Keep in mind that true introverts enjoy time to themselves and limited company. If someone complains about not having many friends or groups, and they use being introverted as an excuse, then they are lying to themselves. In reality those sorts of people are just lazy and looking for any excuse to avoid putting in some effort.

    But to answer your question... not terribly. If you want to socialize with a group of so-called like-minded people, then it's never hard to find others of your own kin. But kudos to you if you do enjoy Church and have found a place to fit in.

  • Quay
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    I'm agnostic but I was in a fraternity in college. I'm still close friends with many of the guys I lived with today.

  • I’m an atheist I have a rich community life. I have many friends and a loving family, so I don’t feel I need a church or anything similar in order to make friends. I have made friends through work, through charities I have volunteered for, through my cycling club, etc. I still have many friends whom I went to school or university with, as well as from other adult education classes I have taken. It is possible to meet other people outside of a church.

    “Like it often seems like people who talk about being inverted or having few friends also seem to identify as Atheist”. What utter garbage.

    “ Don't take this as me bashing Atheists.” Really? You could have fooled me.

    If you need to attend a meeting every week to discuss your fairytale book just to feel like you have friends, then good for you. Just because we don’t share your fantasies doesn’t mean we miss out on anything worthwhile.

    • Glad you were okay. So the bike came basically assembled? That’s great. I actually love ascending but hate descending. In fact I often think I go faster uphill than I do downhill.

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    Atheists belong to all kinds of organized communities. Some even belong to churches.

    But no, I do not miss church.

    • Rufus T. Firefly
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      1 month agoReport

      You do it all the time. How else do I know you did some brain research (allegedly)? Meanwhile you have the reasoning skills of a 14yr old.

      Fourteen years old... the age of braggarts.

  • Mack
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    1 month ago

    I dunno, I can't seem to work up the need for a shared delusion group.

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