How did you meet your significant other?

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    3 weeks ago
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    I've posted this many times. I was in line during a break from a work conference, and he was in line behind me. As I ordered my coffee he said, "Excuse me, but I could I buy your coffee for you?" I said no. He said, "How about you buy your own coffee and drink it with me?" I laughed, and I joined him for coffee. I liked him right away, and the feeling was mutual.

    We went out to dinner that night, and he said, "This is corny, but some day I'm going to marry you." I laughed.

    We married 9 years ago, 8 weeks to the day we met. Everyone thought we were crazy. It worked for us!

  • 3 weeks ago

    I met her in Jr. high school. We were classmates in 8th grade art.

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    3 weeks ago

    She was my room mate's date

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