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If civilization collapsed, would feminine empowerment survive?

Or would women go back to being chattel as soon as the lights went out?

Human history consists of thousands of years of women as chattel vs. less than 100 years of empowerment...

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    If civilization collapsed then we would almost certainly revert back to traditional gender roles. 

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  • I don't think you've really studied history. Sure, for the upper classes, women had strictly defined roles that made them subservient to upper class men, but most men and women throughout history were pretty much equally worthless and worked in tandem in their struggle for survival. It's hard to be sexist when she cooks the meals, weaves the cloth, sews the clothes, keeps the home and helps in the fields while you are also working the fields, tending to the animals, building and repairing the structures, etc... The sexist dynamic in the majority of the population really only became prevalent when the Industrial Revolution began and people could give up the year-by-year existence of a farmer in pursuit of a week-by-week paycheck. Men dominated the job market, especially for higher paying jobs, and suddenly they expected that women should be the lesser sex, since they weren't "contributing" as much anymore. So, to be perfectly honest, there was a general understanding of equality for the majority of humans throughout the majority of human history. It's only in the upper classes for most of our history and only in the past century or so where sexism became a norm for most people. I'm not saying that women were swimming in rights beforehand, but it's not like most people had rights anyway.

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    I'm pretty sure the feminists would start bossing everybody around and most would follow. The manly men would be paranoid about what caused the collapse and would want to just stay solo/small group, lay low and survive. Yes, the feminists would be directing the herd.

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    This is an enormous oversimplification that ignores the diverse roles that women have played in society for millennia, including many matriarchal societies.

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    What you are saying is that you feel that women don’t have any power.

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    in many tribal societies woman had more power, rather than less, so it really depends on what you envision society turning into.

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