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Why are most capitalists Christians, and most socialists atheist/agnostic?

As an agnostic and a capitalist, this confuses me. Christians tend to be capitalist, but their holy book says they can't serve God and wealth. What's equally ironic is how most socialists are non-religious, yet capitalism essentially ended centuries of religious oppression by separating church and state. Plus, the wealth created by capitalism actually tends to make countries less religious over time.

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    I am sort of guessing here but Christians follow a religion that tells them they get out of life what they put in, meaning it is an equal opportunity frame work which is what Capitalism is, you are rewarded based on your efforts. Without the hope that religions can bring, the other end of the spectrum is a victim class void of hope and wanting big government to do something about the rich getting rich on their own merits, while the poor who lack motivation can't play the game of free markets and equal opportunity. They strive for equal outcome, the destroyer of innovation and hard work to get ahead. Christians want to help the truly needy but many victims are not truly needy, they simply refuse to take actions that would produce a much better life and simply wish to sponge off of society in any way possible. It's not even just the poor and lazy, where rich people and corporations will gladly take any freebies the government wishes to hand out. It's not just human nature, but common sense to take advantage of anything that saves money for yourself or your company. The other ugly side to socialism is that people want to take advantage of the victim class for their own power and profit, where a Capitalistic society can survive some social programs, but if government gets too greedy, those who can produce income will either leave or stop producing if the Government is just going to rob them of their efforts. Democratic Socialists in power, pretend not to know that the rich are who provides our economy and put money in their pockets, where any attempt to raise expenses on the rich, resorts to the bills being passed on to the consumer, which is mostly middle class. If you raise taxes, raise the minimum wage, or anything else to add an expense, the wealthy simply passes those cost to the middle class. If the business cannot raise prices enough, they close the business, which again affects the middle class and even the poor working minimum wage jobs. There are plenty of conservative, capitalistic atheists and agnostics but the liberal media highlights mainly the liberal atheists who play the victim in one way or another.

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    Having wealth is not a sin. Loving wealth above God is idolatry, that is sin. Capitalism is not automatically evil.

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    2 months ago

    Why such a silly uneducated post? Christians dominate in the extremes of both factors!

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    "As an agnostic and a capitalist"


    Everyone is either theist or atheist.

    If you can't say "I don't believe in god"

    You're an atheist.

    Everyone is agnostic about goblins, gods, and gnomes.

    No one can be absolutely sure they exist or not..

    Most christers don't have empathy.

    Oh, and I'm a very generous capitalist atheist.


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    Only in the US where the rightwing has taken over the church and operate it like a business and to support their politics. In latin america the church is often tied to socialistic ideals and liberation theology

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    Because you have a severe case of confirmation bias.

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