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Does my crush feel the same way towards me?

In fifth grade we were best friends we both had crushes on each other into sixth grade and then i told him at the end and he said he liked me back but nothing happened. I still liked him until the end of seventh grade when i got really mad at him and didn’t talk to him for the whole summer and into eighth grade where I am now. We then became friends again. I obviously caught feelings because I can’t help it after liking him for 4 years. Now we talk every day and sometimes we talk about hockey after school for a few hours. We always look at each other and joke around and he does little things to make me laugh and smile such as syncing the videos on our computers and i’m not sure if the way people look at you means anything but he has these bold eyes whenever he looks at me. He sometimes will poke me with his pencil or touch my leg with his foot or we’ll bump knees back in forth for like two minutes. Today we were bumping knees and he just put his hand on my knee for a good minute. I would say we’re pretty good friends, we don’t have deep conversations but the conversations we have are consistent and 50/50 when it comes to who starts them. We hang out after school sometimes with our other friends and in school we have assigned seats next to each other and we often sit with our arms touching. Idk if he likes me tho, last time i confessed in seventh grade he said i would be like a 3 on his list, but we weren’t that close then. We’re way closer now and he shares a lot more with me

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