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How can I stop seeking approval from my own family?

How can I stop seeking approve from my own family? Deep down I know my

Family doesn’t give a crap about me. I could die today and they wouldn’t care. Besides my mom and daughter. My family always make it seem like I’m

This bad person when I’m not. Yes, I’m the pass I would sometimes talk back but that’s it. I was always a good kid. I cleaned for my parents, cooked, and didn’t drugs and never partied. When I went through tuff times they never cared they never asked me

If I was okay or if i needed help. I bust my butt and they always put me down. My own family

Try’s to compete with me and they are twenty years old

Than me. All I want if for them

To be supportive like a family

Should all I want is for them

To be like “wow Emma  you did it” but they always tell me about their problems or how they have it hard when in reality they don’t. They have their mommy take care of them and they are in their 40s with kids 

I hate feeling hurt and left out it’s a bad feeling especially if it’s from

Both sides of my


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  • 9 months ago

    Try this: Ask yourself what makes you the happiest. Come up with a list of 5 things. It can be something simple like helping others. It can be something more complex like money or traveling. Whatever your list is focus on doing those things that make you the happiest. Understand that everyone’s list is different and may not involve you (even if it should). Just be careful in sharing your list with your family. The best way to kill a big dream is to tell it to a small-minded person. Oh and also, it is important to become financially independent from your family.

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  • 9 months ago

    read self help books from the local public library

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  • Mark
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    9 months ago

    Love yourself more, not less. That's the secret.

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  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    if you feel good about yourself you shouldnt care what your family thinks

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