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Should I tell my ex she gave me an std?

My ex girlfriend and I were in a relationship for about half a year, and she was the only one that I had sex with without a condom. I found out later in the relationship that she has had many sexual partners and had been cheating on me multiple times, and there is a chance that I may have contracted chlamydia through her unfaithfulness. I’m getting tested, if it comes back positive should I tell her?

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    It’s a reportable disease, so the health dept will contact her, but do the world a favor and tell her if you are positive.

  • 1 year ago

    Yes, for the point of her getting checked out for healing meds. Don't do it as a weapon to harrass. Just throw her a text and let it go.

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that you gave me an std, you better get checked.

    while I was writing that last comment, I was thinking this is going to turn into a drama. She'll for sure contact you to tell you she didn't give it to you and you are a cheater and it's just going to open a can of worms.

    So I guess i'd still text her and then block her.

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