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Do you disagree with the way my dad thinks?

This is what he thinks "In order for my son to have a good life, he has to get a job that has a yearly salary of $100k+. Also, has to get married and have kids". That's how he really thinks.

-I'm 24

-I have a job that pays $53,000 per year. I could get a higher paying job eventually if I wanted to anyway. Plus, I don't really feel like like is about money.

-I'm single and feel very happy

I would say I feel very content with my life right now.

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    It's really heartbreaking when a parent tries to relive his own lost youth vicariously through his kids' lives, which is what your dad is doing. Yes, I disagree with him, and you should too. How you live your life at this point is really not his concern. You have a good job, you're obviously doing well. It sounds to me like you need to kindly but firmly tell your dad to butt out and mind his own business. Which is something he needs to do anyway. It's not healthy for him or for you to be in this constant state of tension over how you live your life and your choice of career.

    As for your dad's pressuring you to marry and settle down, I understand that. Your dad isn't getting any younger, and he naturally would like to know his grandchildren before he passes on. Hence the pressure on you to marry and give him some. But if you're not ready to take that step, then you're not ready, and he will have to learn to live with that. There's not much you can do about his attitude.

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    Parent's shouldn't try and run their children's lives. If you like what you're doing then don't stop doing it.

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    Chacun a son gout

    Be yourself

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    You are doing better than most at your age. Your dad has too high expectations for you or anyone. Enjoy life, enjoy being single, and if your dad puts a lot of pressure on you to make more money, get married, etc then see him less.

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    Your father thinking in an old school way and the most important things you said is that you are content, and very happy. So your father needs to understand that. But their is nothing wrong with pursuing a higher paying job either, especially if you ever want to get married and raise a family.

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    The closer one gets to retirement the more attention they usually give to earning enough to save for that eventuality. It's not at all unusual for a younger person earning enough to be comfortable in the present to not think that way. You will need to be saving of course, but if you've crafted a life where you can pay your bills and put some aside for later you're doing okay. This of course means your mobility will be somewhat limited to places with a reasonable cost of living. You certainly won't be living in San Francisco or NYC on 53K a year.

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    Being content with life at the moment is fine. He sees life as all about money. It's not, thats very obvious. I disagree with the way he thinks as well.

    I see life as trying to help make the world a better place. I am a baha'i, a member of the baha'i Faith. This makes me a better person, strive to help the world.

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    I do disagree with the way he thinks. He's talking like you have to live your life according to his plans and his dreams, not yours.

    Live your life on your terms. It's the only one you have and at the end of the day, you are responsible for your happiness, not your dad's.

    I'm sure his heart is in the right place but he's living his life, it's time for you to live yours.

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