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How to gain weight when easily full and bloated?

I need to gain some weight, but I get full and bloated very quickly. What should I do? I’m vegan btw

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    Place all the foods you want to eat by plan the full day at the ( your ) table, in the morning. And every hour take little portion from everything, lets say split by 15, as the hours you don't sleep. Of course when you're full day home. The more different foods, the better.

    If you're able to put 50 different and take 0.2-0.3 gram from each every hour that would be the best.

    That had been what I had missing in my life, and I was always as "not enough time", so in the past I found time and made few different dry powders with over 60 in each (enough for next 100 years). I did it because was impossible for me to put so much at the table, and to be so organized and with discipline.

    I am only passing the experience.

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    Being vegan is probably the issue. Humans never evolved to live on vegetables alone. Having too much fibrous food in the diet will make a person bloated because it takes a long time to digest. But it's your life, if you want to be a vegan, your choice but scientific evidence doesn't support veganism to be sustainable as a long term diet for humans.

    To answer your question, the answer is simple. Eat high calorie foods and don't do much exercise or moving around and you will gain weight, unless you have a medical condition that is stopping you from gaining weight. In that case you should see a doctor if it is bothering you.

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    Gain muscle, muscle is heavier than fat

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    maybe you should get your thyroid checked, it might be speeding up your metabolism

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