What will my Ssdi amount and backpay be?

I’m 22 (under 24 )

I’ve worked for 3 years

My annual income for each year was $10,000

I became disabled in 2004 my Mother was receiving ssdi for me. 

It was cut off when I turned 18 after review. 

I put June 2019 as the date my disability stopped me from working. 

I submitted an application on September 27, 2019. They are currently gathering my medical records.

I have physical and mental illnesses. 

Can you help me estimate the amount I will receive in SSDI and SSDI back pay?

Thank you 

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  • 1 month ago

    you became disabled at about 5?

    unless your condition will get ZERO.

    as a child you would have gotten SSI...about 2/3rds of kids on SSI are fraudulently collecting it as the parents lie and commit fraud to get approved.

    if by some chance you are approved, likely you will get a combo SSDI/SSI benefit of 791/month if you have no other income and resources under 2000.

    SSI will start as of Sept 2019. SSDi doesn't kick in until the 6th if you are approved, likely you will get 771/month for a few months before the SSDi is added.

    • Selena1 month agoReport

      K my ssdi estimate is $690
      And they’ve submitted an ssi application too so would I get the $690 of my ssi is $771 I have up to date hospital records from the age of 18 and Medicaid so my medicine is already free

  • You will not get much SSDI, if approved. So it will be supplemented with SSI. In January SSI will be $783. or $9,396 a year. If your SSDI benefit is $500, your SS benefit 283.00 plus an extra 20 thrown in. Pretty good deal if your annual earning had been 10,000, plus you get free health insurance.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    they need to do it, ask them

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