Mixing and mastering confusion ?

I use Fl studio 20 and I’m an artist who mixes and masters his own vocals , recently using the headset I use (hyperx cloud 2) I realised that when I press the 7.1 surround sound option it really shows the reverb as this kind of huge dark cloud surrounding the vocals , I know that this is just a feature with the headset but I wanted to know why it sounded so bad and if it sounded bad for everybody so I went and checked other soundcloud artists such as steele 11, playboi carti , juice wrld , iann dior and more , even the ones with mixes that aren’t anything special , I then realised this is because my reverb but everytime I tried changing the reverb it just made the whole entire mix sound dry , I know I have a very weird mix , the mix is extremely quiet but the vocals get completely changed in loudness by the sound goodizer on C , like seriously that boosts the entire audio tremendously and I only put it on around 50-70% , can anybody give me some advice on how to change my mix , should I go from scratch and rebuild it together (although this will probably be very hard) or is there a way to just fix it within fl studio , also just so that you get the idea of how my vocals sound and the mix , my soundcloud is “6Cray(@sixcray)” please give me your feedback on the mixing 

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  • Clive
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

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