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Sleeping with a married man as a young single woman.. is it right? He takes care of me and he says that his wife is horrible in bed.?

What shall I do? I’ve fallen in love with him and his daughter is a good old school friend of mine.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes its wrong we all have been there but if u feeling guilty, the best thing to do is get outta the situation before it gets worse

  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    Of course it's not "right". If he's so over his marriage that he's cheating and still hasn't filed for divorce it likely means he's never going to. This way he gets to keep all the marital assets yet still have a malleable sex partner on the side to whom he owes nothing (legally speaking). You've put yourself into a horrible position that'll end in tears. But I guess you're going to see it out to the bitter end.

  • mmm
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    4 weeks ago

    When you decide to grow up and become a woman and fall in love and get married - some BIMBO just like you will think the same thing - she is horrible in bed so its ok - and then you may have a different perspective

    its sad your mother didn't teach you better

  • RP
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    4 weeks ago

    Getting involved with someone who is not available is always wrong and, usually, foolish, as well.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Wise up. That's the thing to do. If he's the sort he sounds like, you'll be replaced in another 3-4 years anyway (probably sooner) for another younger version. Some men like to keep a young girl on the side. And when the young girl isn't quite so young anymore, she's the one replaced. Not the wife. The young lover. That's a fairly typical reality.

  • kristy
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    4 weeks ago

    Keep having fun until it runs its course

  • 4 weeks ago

    What to do? Ask which you are more willing to give up - your self respect or the attention of a man whose showing you that you only qualify as a side piece? Your choice of course.

  • 4 weeks ago

    no, of course it's wrong. end of story. you're gross, disgusting, with no morals.

  • Candi
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    4 weeks ago

    Wow that's crazy but take yourself back a little. Start thinking of how his wife will feel when she finds out how unfaithful of a man she picked. Just because a man is good in bed does not mean he is happily single. I used to date this guy slept with him and never really knew if he was married. He said he would always take care of me but I was just in love with someone else and thankfully this was enough to hold back from him as much as I could. He was hot and good in bed but he ghosted me all of a sudden and I really am thankful that he disappeared from my life. I do pray that he finds balance in his life and that he doesn't hurt anyone else though. The jerk did not deserve me one bit and I can almost bet that this guy you are in love with does not love himself. Rather his selfish desires are driving him to dismiss others cruelly. I would let go of him and seriously focus on making a family of your own, maybe not now but in the future. God has good plans for you and if you disengage from this sinful behavior, He will bless you in other ways and in so many areas of your life. Learn from this woman too, she may be aging, she may also have issues of her own in her marriage and she deserves the love and respect from someone that claims that loves her and you deserve the same dignity. If he can't commit to her why do you think he deserves someone when he is betraying someone's trust. In my past I had to get divorced because someone would not commit to me. He was trying to save his marriage but he still had feelings for this girl and he ended up with her because I just got tired, impatient and knew too well how badly it would end (by that time he confessed he had already had a child with her) I certaintly slept with him mistakenly and then kicked him to the curb. Honestly, don't be deceitful like I was with this infidelity through my marriage and my random hookup. Honestly, we are responsible for every decision we make in this life. This is how the Devil betrayed God.... he would lie and cover up for his behavior claiming he was only roaming the earth when in fact he was turning humanity against him. This is sad because he was a perfect angel before he became "satan" he rebelled against God because he tried to be just like God he wanted his power and to rule humans and he did not mean well. We will also get judged in the same way if we do not repent of our sins. Change and let others have peace in their life. Resort to God in order to gain dominance over your fleshly desire in life. Vanity is our worst enemy.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    This is wrong. That is it.

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