Why is it so difficult to except someone?

But no seriously, why, Just WHY? Because a book written by murders says it’s wrong? (Yes I’m talking about your precious bible.) because it’s not “normal”?

And there’s SO MUCH MORE to the community than gay. It’s Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer and every other Q I can’t think of + asexual, aromantic, pansexual ,pan romantic,transsexual, Gender queer, into sex, gender fluid, agender, androphilia , Demisexual , non-binary , bygender, polysexual . And that’s just the most I probably didn’t get them all

Also did you know, that 500,000 lgbt teens commit suicide every year because of the hate? That may not sound bad yet but break it down.

500,000 per year

41,667 per month

1389 per day

133 per hour

2 per minute

So yea. I hope your proud.


Also, it’s a typo I meant accept

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Well the world is yet to open its eyes fully since for so many years everyone who wasn't straight was considered crazy or weird (even though quite a few historical figures were gay like for example Leonardo DaVinci) and there are many who still think in that (homophobic) way. Gay people are shunned to this day hell even more equal rights between sexes were hard to push and you want the world to accept gender fluid and non-binary people just like that? I mean yeah i would love to live in a world where everyone is accepted for who they really are (except pedophiles and zoophiles and murderers ofc) but in my opinion it still requires more time and many very small steps to make it seem more natural. 

    +Please don't call Bible a book written by murderers, i know it's hard when so many closed minded people are coming from catholic background but calling it that way would spark hate towards you.Ps: Sorry if it was hard to read. xoxo

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    • Mike3 weeks agoReport

      Most people see the numbers but not what's or who's behind them since you know its just another statistic to read and that could be the root of all problems really. Not the lack of vision but lack of empathy.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    None of those people belong in teh gay community, kid.

    --a gay

    Go make your own spaces and stop stealing ours!

    • Oxinde3 weeks agoReport

      The people I listed? I’m not talking about a gay community, I’m talking about the lgbt+ community?

  • reme_1
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    3 weeks ago

    Take your anger out on something that will do good. If you go to church, speak up. If you don't have a gsa in your high school start one. I understand your feelings but the religious folks don't give a ****. Their preachers uses the bible as god's word and the people listen. They can not think for themselves any more. Speak out where it will do the most good. And write articles for the paper. Put your energy into something positive. I wish you well. You also might want to get involved in your local gay center to help the kids.

  • 3 weeks ago

    People like to distract from their own failings.

    The easy way is to point the finger at others and what better tool to use than a religious one.

    I note your spastics, the people you talk about would not care, that is like telling Trump XYZ number of Kurds died or XYZ number of women are abused by men, it just wont not register to such people,

    • xxx000au
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      3 weeks agoReport

      Where it says "spastic" that should say statistics. I should have re read before posting.

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