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I always have problems running alone, does anyone have good tips?

I am an average level cross country runner in high school. I have been running for 4 years and I love the sport. I run great in big groups and with my team, but when the season ends and I have to run by myself, I do terrible. When the season ends I am less motivated to run and I put in a lot less miles. I would really appreciate if I could hear from other runners who have the same problem. 

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    4 weeks ago

    I've always done more solo than group running. I wear headphones so I can listen to music to keep me company, and off I go. It started as an activity to help with weight loss, but grew to an activity I enjoyed so I continued it even when I no longer need to lose weight.

    You could also try varying your route to keep the scenery interesting.

    Vary the terrain so you have to pay attention and don't go on auto-pilot.

    Try to schedule runs with friends or join a local running group or track club so you'll have potential running buddies year 'round.

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    You could try to find a running group around where you live. What I do when I run alone is listen to some music, might make you a bit more motivated

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    i am a runner but im more of the opposite....perform better when i run by myself because i have no distractions

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