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Books at Basic Training?

I am trying to join the Army National Guard and hopefully will be getting to Basic within the next couple months. I know you can't really have books at Basic, unless they are religious. What counts as religious books? Can you have multiple? And do you have to prove that they are YOUR spuritual texts? (e.g. Do you have to be listed as a Christian or whatever to take a bible?). I'm a bit of a bibliophile, and honestly, getting to read, even a bit, helps me stabilize my moods or clear my mind, and is pretty meditative, and I can't really imagine going 6 months without touching anything other than Air Defense user manuals lol. I am not religious, but am always interested in learning from scriptures. Can I take a Quran or even a Taoist or Buddhist text without identifying with the religion? Would it be easier to take a bible since I'm a white guy? haha. I know you don't get much time at all to read, but even a couple minutes a day usually makes me happier than when I don't. Thanks


Edit: Also are there any libraries on base you are allowed to visit for a couple hours on the weekends or anything like that?

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  • AJ
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    10 months ago

    Basic Training is only 10 weeks. Their are less rules when doing AIT, but you didn't say anything about AIT in your initial question.

  • Mrsjvb
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    10 months ago

    Religious Text means the ‘defining’ book of a religion. You are allowed one. And you might get five minutes a day to read it

    You do not have access to any base recreational facilities

  • 10 months ago

    your allowed a bible, quran, tanakh

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